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Dust can reduce airflow and cause electronics to overheat and not perform efficiently. 

If liquids spill on electronics, it can cause them to short out causing intermittent or complete failure. You can extend the life of your electronics by keeping air vents clean, and clear and by keeping fluids away from your electronics.

Backup your data. If your home/bussiness was detroyed by a natural disaster you could loose everything.

You can use many things to backup with, from CD/DVD's, USB Flash Drives, or even Backup Tapes. Keep backups in two places. One local (incase you loose a file) and one offsite (example Saftey Deposit Box). 

Everyone gets annoyed with those pop ups stating that your Operating System is ready to install updates.

By keeping your Operating System up to date you reduce the risk of getting a virus, or a system breach.

Most battery backups will help with two things. First they will help with surges and brown outs, Keeping stable "clean" power to your electronics. Secondly if the power should go out your electronics will continue to run for short while, giving you time to shut them down properly.

Keep Your Workspace Clean.

Keep Software Up to Date.

Do you backup?

Do you have a Battery Backup (aka UPS)?

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